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Live at Champion Forest

Live at Champion Forest

Provident Distribution 2017

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"What Jesus did here in Cana of Galilee was the first of the signs through which He revealed His glory..." John 2:11 (NIV)

"Powerful. Anointed. Life-changing. Just a few of the words I would use to describe the Champion Forest Night of Worship with Cana's Voice. Every time I am with this group I am blown away - TaRanda, Doug and Jody are not only some of the most talented people I know, but also have the most incredible hearts for worship, the church, and what Jesus can do. As you watch, I pray your heart will be touched by the stories they tell...stories of redemption, the power of worship, and the life-changing grace they have experienced. This is so much more than just a DVD, captured here is the story of a redemptive God who loves us, chases after us, and changes our forever. Join our choir and orchestra as we journey with Cana's Voice to a place of deep and intimate worship where grace abounds and Jesus is lifted high." - Brent Dyer, Worship Pastor | Champion Forest Baptist Church, Houston, TX

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  • Publisher: Provident Distribution
  • ISBN-13: 0643157441885
  • UPC: 643157441885
  • SKU: 0643157441885
  • Release Date: August 4, 2017
  • Language: English